Provide a Pleasant Experience to Visitors

Be different at the event by giving a memorable gift. Increase participation, leads, engagement and create valuable connections with visitors

Offline Event

Provide a pleasant experience to visitors by providing attractive gifts / merchandise. According to surveys, the right gift can be stored for up to 1 year

Online Event

Increase the engagement of the company's online event participants by giving a suitable gift. There's no reason why online events can't be as good as offline events

Address Not Required

Yippy only requires an email or mobile number to send gifts. With the address collection feature, you don't have to bother collecting addresses anymore. Your message can also be customized so that it is more personal

Personalized Gifting for Each Customer

Yippy can send gifts according to what your customers like. That way, there are no unwanted or unused gifts. All with just 1 click

End-To-End Service

Yippy offers an end-to-end service to help you send the right gifts to your employees, customers or partners. We believe that relationships are an important part of every business and we want to help you make it happen.

Trusted Vendor for Event Merchandise in Jakarta

Yippy provides souvenirs and merchandise for companies that will hold events. We have helped more than 60 companies to provide tens of thousands of event souvenirs with more than 700 products to choose from and customize with company logos. We can provide all kinds of event merchandise needs, both for seminars, talk shows, GMS, gatherings and others. Every item in the catalogue has been curated by a professional team with guaranteed quality, complete selection and the best price.

Premium and Complete Promotional Merchandise for Companies in Jakarta

Give your clients or company employees the best office merchandise with a complete selection of items from Yippy. Hundreds of types of merchandise are available in various categories such as: Apparel, Bag & Pouch, Food, Electronic, Stationary and Others. Whatever your activities, Yippy can also provide merchandise according to these activities such as: Eid, Christmas & New Year, Chinese New Year, Birthday, Onboarding Kit, Brand Launching and Others.


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