Stationery: Yippy Office Supplies Catalog for Corporate Events

As a Jakarta-based corporate gifting service platform, Yippy offers a complete stationery catalog for corporate events. We provide a variety of high-quality office supplies, equipment, and notebooks that can be customized to your needs. From pens to document binders, each product is designed to enhance productivity and comfort at the workplace. With Yippy, you can ensure that every corporate event is equipped with the right office supplies.

Premium and Complete Promotional Merchandise for Companies in Jakarta

Give your clients or company employees the best office merchandise with a complete selection of items from Yippy. Hundreds of types of merchandise are available in various categories such as: Apparel, Bag & Pouch, Food, Electronic, Stationary and Others. Whatever your activities, Yippy can also provide merchandise according to these activities such as: Eid, Christmas & New Year, Chinese New Year, Birthday, Onboarding Kit, Brand Launching and Others.