Increase your Company's Employee Engagement and Retention

With Yippy, each recipient gets a different gift according to what they like or need. All with just 1 click.

Binar Academy
Buku Warung
Flash Coffee
Telkomsel Mitra Inovasi

Gifting Program for Any Purpose

employee 0

Provide onboarding kits to make new employees feel part of the company

employee 1
Employee of The Month

Congratulate your best employees with a special gift

employee 2
Work Anniversary

Appreciate employee loyalty by giving anniversary gift work

employee 3
Religious holidays

Celebrate religious holidays by giving special hampers

employee 4

Give a smile on employee's birthday with a birthday gift

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Other Events

Any other events, Yippy is ready to help you make it happen

Employee Engagement Increases Productivity


Employees feel that recognition and appreciation are increasingly important when working from home.


Employees work more productively if they feel their work is valued.


Employees will not leave the company if they are motivated at work.

Personalized Gifting for Each Employee

Yippy can send gifts according to what your employees like. That way, there are no unwanted or unused gifts. All with just 1 click


Integration with HRIS

Automate the gifting process such as onboarding, birthdays, work anniversary or farewell by integrating into the HRIS that you have used. No more manual processes to remember when gifts should be sent

End-To-End Service

Yippy offers an end-to-end service to help you send the right gifts to your employees, customers or partners. We believe that relationships are an important part of every business and we want to help you make it happen.

Trusted Vendor for Customer Gifts in Jakarta

Gifts for good customers to increase engagement and loyalty. Therefore, more than 60 companies have collaborated with Yippy to send gifts to thousands of customers. More than 700 gifts and merchandise can be chosen and customized with company logos. We can provide all kinds of customer gift needs, both for birthdays, onboarding, seminars, appreciation and others. Every item in the catalogue has been curated by a professional team with guaranteed quality, complete selection and the best price.

Premium and Complete Promotional Merchandise for Companies in Jakarta

Give your clients or company employees the best office merchandise with a complete selection of items from Yippy. Hundreds of types of merchandise are available in various categories such as: Apparel, Bag & Pouch, Food, Electronic, Stationary and Others. Whatever your activities, Yippy can also provide merchandise according to these activities such as: Eid, Christmas & New Year, Chinese New Year, Birthday, Onboarding Kit, Brand Launching and Others.