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5 Gift Ideas for VIP Clients

Do you currently have a business and provide services to VIP clients? To maintain client loyalty, it's occasionally necessary to give gifts to VIP clients. VIP clients are typically individuals with refined tastes who value the quality of a brand. They are accustomed to exclusive services or products, and sometimes even limited editions. Therefore, you need to be careful when giving something to ensure the gift is useful.

1. Smart Watch - Mi Band 6

Rp 680.000

Smart Watch - Mi Band 6 image

One of the gift ideas for VIP clients is a smartwatch, especially if they are busy individuals who highly value their time. A smartwatch becomes something essential for their productivity.

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2. Compact Wallet - Ferma Leather

Rp 409.000

Compact Wallet - Ferma Leather image

A wallet is also a suitable item to give to VIP clients. Besides carrying cash, an exclusive wallet is highly useful for storing various cards they might possess.

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3. Gift Set kitchen - Hampers C by Dekayu

Rp 222.000

Gift Set kitchen - Hampers C by Dekayu image

Hampers containing eco-friendly or environmentally friendly products also make a distinctive impression. The trend of a healthy lifestyle and waste reduction has become a cool and fashionable way of living.

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4. Agenda Notebook - Leather

Rp 90.000

Agenda Notebook - Leather  image

Indeed, nowadays we can make digital notes through gadgets. However, for some people, a physical agenda book remains an integral part of their daily activities. There is still a sense of satisfaction when writing by hand on paper.

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5. Gift Set Merch - Pen Key Chain Custom

Rp 122.000

Gift Set Merch - Pen Key Chain Custom image

In addition to the agenda book, it would be even more special to give an exclusive pen. It goes beyond a regular gift, as an exclusive pen also serves as a form of appreciation for their career.

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So, what will you choose as a gift for your VIP clients? Whatever it is, make sure to tailor it to the occasion. When it comes to selecting the most suitable gift, there's no need to worry. Just explore Yippy, where you can find an array of impressive and professionally presented corporate gifts.