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Types of Clothing for Office Merchandise

Is your office looking for suitable gifts or merchandise for employees? One of the fitting merchandise options for employees is clothing. Especially if the clothing is of high quality and comfortable for everyday wear, the gift given goes beyond mere formality. Here are several recommendations for types of clothing for office merchandise that you can consider.

1. Tshirt - 24s - Sablon 10x10cm

Rp 88.000

Tshirt - 24s - Sablon 10x10cm image

T-shirts are suitable for relaxed or casual moments. Moreover, nowadays, many offices allow employees to wear T-shirts when coming to work or during off-site activities. For both men and women, T-shirts are a suitable choice for everyday attire.

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2. Hoodie Pullover - Cotton

Rp 236.000

Hoodie Pullover - Cotton image

Hoodies are a type of clothing suitable for relaxed moments, light exercise, outdoor events, or travel. In addition to providing comfort, hoodies in certain colors also look cool. Of course, the size should be right, so the person wearing it feels confident.

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3. Polo Shirt - Pique

Rp 138.000

Polo Shirt - Pique image

A collared polo shirt can convey a neat, professional impression while maintaining a casual vibe simultaneously. Bottoms that go well with a polo shirt include jeans, chinos, jogger pants, and office-appropriate slacks. As one of the office merchandise options, a polo shirt is quite versatile and suitable for various situations.

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4. Vest - Knit - Bordir

Rp 126.000

Vest - Knit - Bordir image

A knit vest is often worn as an outer layer to add a fashion touch to the outfit. With a stylish and relaxed look, a knit vest can be worn when going to cafes, the cinema, or even to work if the office permits casual attire.

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5. Bomber Jacket - Bordir

Rp 195.000

Bomber Jacket - Bordir image

A bomber jacket is a suitable choice for office merchandise. Its design can be modern and trendy. With an elegant and stylish model, it's suitable to wear on various occasions.

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The right office merchandise choice will leave a special impression on both the giver and the receiver. This applies to both personal and professional contexts. Even though office merchandise, it's best if it's not just about formality and uniformity. Instead, it's more appealing if the office provides a type of gift that carries a personal touch.

To ensure that every piece of merchandise becomes a useful and appreciated gift, there's a process behind it. Feel free to consult with Yippy, the best corporate gifting platform in Indonesia.