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Choices of Consumable Gifts for Employees

When you give a gift, you undoubtedly want the recipient to be happy receiving it and use it. That's why you strive to give useful gifts such as tools needed for daily activities or food and beverages that can be consumed. There are many types of consumable gifts, and you can choose from the following recommendations!

1. Mini Brownies - Dizzy Fudgy

Rp 51.000

Mini Brownies - Dizzy Fudgy image

With its soft texture and sweet taste, brownies are beloved by many people. There are numerous flavor variations of brownies, such as chocolate, red velvet, tiramisu, and pandan. Moreover, with attractive toppings like chocolate, cheese, caramel, and biscuit pieces, they become even more delightful.

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2. Blossom Honey - Honey Hour

Rp 121.000

Blossom Honey - Honey Hour image

Honey is also an impressive gift choice because it is exclusive and supports a healthy lifestyle. This healthy beverage ingredient contains numerous nutrients that are beneficial for maintaining good health. With a healthy body, employees can be more productive in their work.

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3. Aroma Blend Coffee - Arutala

Rp 36.000

Aroma Blend Coffee - Arutala image

Coffee is also a suitable gift choice to give to colleagues in the office. In a working environment, coffee is a popular beverage. For those who are accustomed to drinking coffee, they tend to become more focused and concentrated after having a cup of coffee.

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4. Tea Mini Tin - Havel Tea

Rp 54.000

Tea Mini Tin - Havel Tea  image

Sachet tea can also be a fitting choice as a gift because tea is a popular beverage that can be enjoyed at various moments. To savor it, employees or colleagues simply need to prepare hot water. Drinking tea can create a relaxing and calming impression.

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5. WoCA Thin Cookies Krunz Chocolate - Arutala

Rp 33.000

WoCA Thin Cookies Krunz Chocolate - Arutala image

Cookies can be considered a more personal gift compared to other gifts. They come in a wide variety of flavors and are easily liked by many people. These sweet treats can bring a sense of happiness, especially when presented in aesthetically pleasing packaging. Giving cookies as a gift can also be appropriate for special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, and selected company events.

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6. Chocolate Bar - Korte Chocolate

Rp 37.000

Chocolate Bar - Korte Chocolate image

A chocolate bar is a popular gift that almost everyone enjoys. Giving chocolate as a gift also signifies spreading happiness because it is believed that chocolate can improve mood and make one feel better.

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Those are examples of gift recommendations in the form of consumable gifts for employees in the office. Whatever your gifting needs are, you can easily handle them with Yippy. With Yippy, every gift recipient can receive a personalized gift according to their preferences or needs. All the convenience is just one click away.