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Here are 5 Useful Enterprise Souvenir Ideas

What are some useful corporate Souvenir? Not just a formality, but company souvenirs are very important as promotional media that can attract more consumers. Through the souvenirs given, the company can increase its branding effectively. Of course, giving souvenirs is according to the moment, for example on company birthdays or events where it is possible to meet many business partners. Regardless of the activities you organize, what are some useful company souvenir ideas?

1. Pen - Plastic 2

Rp 7.000

Pen - Plastic 2 image

Stationery is an example of a souvenir that never goes away because it's always needed by almost everyone. Office people, students, school children, online business people, or anyone who needs writing tools to take notes. In fact, for some people, writing in handwriting still feels more special than writing in document form on a cellphone or laptop. To make it more special, every stationery needs to be given a company logo design so that people get to know it better.

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2. Umbrella 3 Folded Automatic - Custom 1 Side

Rp 77.000

Umbrella 3 Folded Automatic - Custom 1 Side image

Umbrellas are suitable as souvenirs from companies for several reasons. Umbrellas are useful items and are needed by everyone, especially during the rainy season. By providing umbrellas as souvenirs, the company can provide real benefits to recipients of souvenirs. Umbrellas can also be printed with a logo or company name, so they can be an effective promotional medium. Every time a souvenir recipient uses the umbrella, other people will see the logo or company name printed on it. This can increase the company's brand awareness and expand the reach of promotions.

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3. Tshirt - 30s - Sablon

Rp 110.000

Tshirt - 30s - Sablon  image

Apparel or clothing is a suitable type of souvenir from the company. What is clear, apparel can be used by recipients of souvenirs in everyday life, so this will be a reminder for the company that gave the souvenir. Second, apparel can be an effective promotional medium because it can be worn by souvenir recipients in public places, so it can attract the attention of others. Apparel can be printed with a company logo or design, so as to increase the company's brand awareness.

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4. Powerbank 10.000mAh - Ardan

Rp 231.000

Powerbank 10.000mAh - Ardan image

Custom power banks are also suitable as souvenirs from companies because power banks are often used by many people, especially in the digital era like today. Custom power bank souvenirs can be customized, both in terms of battery capacity, color and design. This souvenir is suitable for an exclusive event inviting a small number of people, but with a specific purpose. For example, when a company wants to introduce a product or service to students.

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5. Name Card Holder - Rectangular

Rp 66.000

Name Card Holder - Rectangular image

The choice of souvenirs in the form of a card holder is also the right choice. In everyday life, of course, many people need this object to store important cards such as ID cards, ATMs, and others. Sometimes, carrying it in a wallet is not practical because the size of the wallet is too big. So, the solution is the card holder. To be more exclusive, you can choose an attractive design that matches your company branding. Those are 5 souvenir ideas from companies that can be given as a form of company contribution in the community. Through these souvenirs, the company is also closer to potential customers or business partners.

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Those are 5 souvenir ideas from companies that can be given as a form of company contribution in the community. Through these souvenirs, the company is also closer to potential customers or business partners.

Tips for Giving Company Souvenirs :

  1. Customize souvenirs with the products or services offered by the company. Even though what is given is not always a product made by the company itself, what is important is the purpose of providing souvenirs that support business progress.
  2. Next, understand the target audience or the profile of the people who will receive the souvenir. Make sure the items given are really needed by them.
  3. Give something special or added value. Even though many other companies also provide the same thing, you can still come up with something unique. For example, you choose a design that is more comfortable to wear with an elegant choice of colors.

Whatever your intentions and goals are for giving gifts, gifts, or souvenirs, now there is Yippy to make it easier for you. We are here for you with a complete range of features for a more practical gifting process.