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Gift Ideas for Millennial Employees

Millennial generation is known for their strong affinity towards gadgets. They are also the ones who experience the rapid development of technology the most. Their tech-savvy lifestyle calls for gifts that cater to their needs and interests in gadgets and technology.

1. Earphone Bluetooth - Lenovo XT89

Rp 218.000

Earphone Bluetooth - Lenovo XT89 image

Headphones and earphones have become a trend among young people and are still popular to this day. These devices allow them to listen to music or watch videos without disturbing other passengers while traveling on public transportation. Long and sometimes tiring journeys become more enjoyable with the company of their favorite tunes or videos.

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2. Powerbank 10.000mAH - Robot RT180

Rp 203.000

Powerbank 10.000mAH - Robot RT180 image

Although smartphones nowadays have larger battery capacities, power banks are still essential for many smartphone users. There are numerous variations of power banks available today, catering to different needs and preferences.

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3. E-money - Bank Mandiri

Rp 88.000

E-money - Bank Mandiri image

Millennial generation is closely associated with the cashless lifestyle. E-money or digital wallets are a suitable choice as gifts because they are highly useful for millennials, making their payments more convenient. Moreover, many public transportation systems have adopted e-money payment policies, further enhancing its practicality for daily use.

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Those are some gifts that are favored by millennial employees. Feeling unsure about which gift to choose? Yippy can help you with that!