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Various Voucher Options for Employee Gifts

With the development of time, the culture of corporate gifts is not just about giving physical items as presents. There are many interesting options besides gift items, such as vouchers. The use of more flexible vouchers becomes an intriguing idea as it can be customized according to the employees' preferences. Both the company and employees would benefit from using vouchers as corporate gifts. Curious about which vouchers are favored by employees? Find out more here!

1. Voucher MAP 100K

Rp 109.000

Voucher MAP 100K image

Shopping vouchers are vouchers that everyone loves, regardless of gender. Therefore, giving shopping vouchers can be the best decision for corporate gifting. Companies can provide vouchers according to the employees' needs. For example, MAP vouchers that can be tailored to daily needs, beauty products, clothing, and more.

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2. Voucher Traveloka Gift Card 100k

Rp 119.000

Voucher Traveloka Gift Card 100k image

The favorite voucher of almost everyone is undoubtedly the vacation or staycation voucher. While gifts are typically given in the form of physical items, this time you can try giving an experience. Sometimes, experiencing something new is more valuable than receiving material gifts. There are plenty of vacation vouchers to choose from, including vacation vouchers from Traveloka.

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3. Voucher BOGA 100K

Rp 107.000

Voucher BOGA 100K image

Do you want to give vouchers that can be enjoyed with friends or other colleagues? Then, dining vouchers are the answer. Dining vouchers can provide employees with a new dining experience at places they have never visited before. You can gift BOGA vouchers for various interesting dining options!

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4. Voucher Indomaret 100k

Rp 114.000

Voucher Indomaret 100k image

Another voucher that can be given as an employee gift is a shopping voucher at a grocery store. You can provide daily necessities shopping vouchers from Indomaret.

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That's a review of various voucher options for employee gifts. Of course, besides vouchers, there are many other attractive gift choices you can consider, such as electronics, merchandise, and stationery. All of these can be customized according to the employees' needs.

With a wide range of gift options, sometimes it becomes challenging for companies to determine which one is the most suitable. That's why Yippy is here as a corporate gifting service that helps you select and even handle the distribution process!