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7 Gift Recommendations to Appreciate Employees

Employees are an integral part of a company. Their performance serves as the driving force to keep the company on track and reach its desired goals. Therefore, it is important for companies to show appreciation for their employees' work. Gifts are not just a formality; they can also be a way for the company to demonstrate care. What are the best gifts to appreciate employees? Let's find out more here!

1. Agenda Notebook - Leather

Rp 90.000

Agenda Notebook - Leather  image

Stationery always remains a top choice for employee gifts. Every employee needs stationery or writing tools to support their work. Some stationery gift options include notebooks, pen sets, binders, and sticky notes. To make a better impression, you can try creating a hamper that contains a complete set of stationery.

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2. Tumbler Stainless 550ml - HN223

Rp 107.000

Tumbler Stainless 550ml - HN223 image

A tumbler water bottle can be a great gift recommendation for employees. Nowadays, many people are becoming more environmentally conscious, and one way to contribute is by using their own tumbler. Apart from being eco-friendly, some advantages of a tumbler include the ability to customize it and its ability to withstand certain temperatures, such as hot or cold beverages.

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3. Laptop Sleeve - Puffy

Rp 195.000

Laptop Sleeve - Puffy image

There are currently many unique and cute laptop sleeve designs available, making them a suitable gift option. A laptop sleeve can be a token of appreciation for your employees, especially those who have mobile jobs. For instance, employees who frequently move from one place to another, such as for client meetings. In addition to providing convenience for employees, a laptop sleeve serves as the best protection against potential damage to their laptops.

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4. Wireless Charger - Baseus

Rp 216.000

Wireless Charger - Baseus  image

A wireless charger can be a great gift to appreciate the performance of your employees. The presence of a wireless charger can significantly help many people enhance their productivity. Some advantages include preserving USB ports, convenience, and the ability to charge multiple devices at once.

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5. Hoodie Pullover - Cotton

Rp 236.000

Hoodie Pullover - Cotton image

A hoodie with a cute and unique design is a suitable gift for employees. Apart from being a stylish addition to their outfit, a hoodie can also serve as a practical tool to protect your employees from heat and cold while they are out and about. Such a gift also demonstrates the company's care for its employees. Hoodies are typically thick and sturdy enough to provide proper body protection.

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6. Voucher Traveloka Gift Card 100k

Rp 119.000

Voucher Traveloka Gift Card 100k image

There are many options for gift cards or vouchers to appreciate employees, including dining vouchers, shopping vouchers, beauty vouchers, and vouchers for employee training. Sometimes, giving experiential gifts can be a better choice than physical items. However, it ultimately depends on the preferences of the employees. You can customize the choice of gift based on their individual desires.

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7. Scented Candles - Euodia - Lilas

Rp 118.000

Scented Candles - Euodia - Lilas image

Scented candles or aromatherapy candles can be an excellent choice for appreciating your employees. The aromas produced by aromatherapy candles can create a relaxing and comfortable ambiance while working or during leisure time at home. Additionally, aromatherapy candles can serve as decorative items for the work desk, adding an attractive touch.

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Here is a complete review of suitable gifts to appreciate employees. Now there's no need to be confused when choosing a gift because there are plenty of recommendations to choose from. You can tailor them to what the employees need and want.

So, do you already have any gift ideas to appreciate your employees' performance? If not, don't hesitate to contact Yippy. We will assist you in selecting and ensuring easy delivery of the gifts. Discover the full range of recommendations in the Yippy catalog!