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7 Valentine Gift Ideas Besides Flowers and Chocolate

Giving a gift in the form of flowers is a way to express sincere and deep feelings. Especially when the gift is given on special occasions like Valentine's Day. You can also add chocolates and a heartfelt card with a personalized message. However, it's worth considering Valentine gift ideas besides flowers and chocolates.

After all, there are still many other gift options that can be just as romantic as flowers. Some gifts, in fact, can be more practical and useful for someone in the long run. So, what will be your Valentine's Day gift this year?

1. Gift Set Kitchen - Hampers by Dekayu

Rp 152.000

Gift Set Kitchen - Hampers by Dekayu image

Gifts presented in an exclusive hamper are also perfect for creating an impressive Valentine's Day celebration. Inside, it can contain various items that they truly love. Of course, this will depend on the preferences of each individual couple. To ensure that it perfectly suits their needs and desires, make sure to plan and prepare for it well in advance.

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2. Sofa Pillow - Yelvo

Rp 40.000

Sofa Pillow - Yelvo image

As a Valentine's Day gift alternative to flowers, a backrest pillow can be a thoughtful gesture to support your partner and keep them motivated during work. Especially if they spend their days sitting in front of a laptop or computer screen. The backrest pillow is a practical item that they will use frequently and it shows your consideration for their comfort and well-being during their daily activities.

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3. Wireless Headphone Thinkplus X KiiP - TH30

Rp 279.000

Wireless Headphone Thinkplus X KiiP - TH30 image

Not only for listening to music, but headphones also aid in concentration during work, especially those that support noise-canceling features to block out external noises. Wireless headphones would be an exciting Valentine's Day gift, and make sure to pay attention to the design and color to match their preferences. This thoughtful gift will enhance their work experience and allow them to focus better in their daily tasks.

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4. Linen Spray 250 ml - Evexia

Rp 50.000

Linen Spray 250 ml - Evexia image

Another Valentine's Day gift besides flowers or chocolates is a linen spray. Linen spray is a fragrance used to spray on beds, pillows, and cushions before sleeping. The pleasant aroma produced by the linen spray will undoubtedly result in a more peaceful and comfortable sleep. It's a perfect gift for a loved one to help them achieve better sleep quality.

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5. Air Purifier - Nobico J010

Rp 175.000

Air Purifier - Nobico J010 image

The recommendation of an air purifier as a gift is a manifestation of your care for your partner's health, especially in maintaining the air quality they breathe indoors. An air purifier is beneficial for purifying or filtering the air to make the indoor environment healthier. It's a thoughtful gift that shows you prioritize their well-being and want to create a cleaner and healthier living space for them.

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6. Analog Camera - SBOX W1

Rp 223.000

Analog Camera - SBOX W1 image

An analog camera is a Valentine's Day gift that is equally special to the gifts mentioned above. With an analog camera, you can also capture many moments. Although there are already cameras on smartphones, an analog camera has a charming and unique quality to it. It brings a nostalgic and artistic touch to photography, making it a delightful and thoughtful gift for your loved one.

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7. Smart Light Bulb LED - Bardi

Rp 117.000

Smart Light Bulb LED - Bardi image

LED lights installed in a room can create a more colorful atmosphere. Moreover, the light colors can be adjusted according to the mood. The stylish design and various size options add to its appeal. A smart LED light is also very useful for content creation needs. That's why you can choose LED lights as an inspirational Valentine's Day gift. It will not only enhance the ambiance of the room but also serve as a practical and versatile tool for various purposes.

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So, what is your gift choice for Valentine's Day this year? Giving gifts is not only important for individuals but also for the work environment. For example, from companies to hardworking employees or teams.

For the gifting needs on various special occasions, Yippy can send gifts according to the preferences of the recipients. So, there will be no more unwanted or unused gifts!