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7 Gift Ideas for Independence Day Office Competition

Every August, the Indonesian nation celebrates the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia on the 17th of August. In various regions, there are many festive celebrations in the form of competitions. It's not only competitions held in the neighborhood, but even in the office, they don't want to miss out. To make it more exciting, what must not be missed are the prizes. So, what are some gift ideas for the Independence Day competitions in the office? Check out the following 7 recommendations!

1. Wireless Headphone - AH053

Rp 162.000

Wireless Headphone - AH053 image

A wireless headphone as a prize for the August 17th competition in the office holds many meanings. The use of these cable-free headphones seems to reflect the freedom to move around without the hindrance of wired connections. The recipients of the prize can use them while exercising or working with gadgets.

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2. Voucher MAP 100K

Rp 108.000

Voucher MAP 100K image

MAP vouchers are official gift vouchers from PT Mitra Adiperkasa Tbk, one of the well-known lifestyle retailers in Indonesia. These vouchers can be used for various types of shopping, such as skincare, fashion, and culinary items.

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3. Mug Stainless - Office Cup

Rp 80.000

Mug Stainless - Office Cup image

A stainless steel mug is also an appealing gift for the August 17th competition in the office, as it will surely be used by the employees. With an aesthetic design and the added safety of being shatterproof, a stainless steel mug reflects strength and utility.

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4. Massage Pillow - Speeds

Rp 175.000

Massage Pillow - Speeds image

A massage pillow is a fitting gift for the August 17th competition in the office because it provides relaxation and helps alleviate stress and muscle tension. For individuals caught up in their busy work routines, this pillow becomes something useful for relaxation during breaks.

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5. Juicer Portable - FALANT

Rp 129.000

Juicer Portable - FALANT image

With a portable blender, we can create fresh juices or healthier smoothies that are more cost-effective than buying them from outside. Portable blenders are also easy to carry anywhere, making them suitable for travel. With this gift choice, the recipient can find it easier to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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6. Humidifier Diffuser Aromaterapi - FALANT

Rp 139.000

Humidifier Diffuser Aromaterapi - FALANT image

A humidifier diffuser is a device that can increase air humidity and provide a distinct aroma through aromatherapy. Using a humidifier indoors can help enhance air moisture, particularly in the hot month of August in tropical countries like this one.

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Those are a series of gift recommendations for the August 17th competition in the office. Regardless of the type of competition held, what's important is the significance of every Independence Day moment, so that we are more motivated to contribute in our respective fields.

One of the most realistic approaches is to bring a positive atmosphere to the workplace so that every activity can provide a more meaningful value. If your company is searching for gift inspiration for various corporate events, you can check out the Yippy catalog.