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7 End-of-Year Gift Ideas for Employees

The end of the year is indeed a suitable time for evaluation and planning for the future. Equally important is to show appreciation to employees who have contributed to the company.

Appreciation for employees can come in the form of valuable items, holiday bonuses, additional vacation days, or organizing a special event. To create lasting memories, gifts in the form of specific items are an irreplaceable choice. Now, here are various ideas for end-of-year gifts for employees.

1. Voucher Traveloka Gift Card 100k

Rp 119.000

Voucher Traveloka Gift Card 100k image

The favorite voucher of almost everyone is undoubtedly the vacation or staycation voucher. While gifts are typically given in the form of physical items, this time you can try giving an experience. Sometimes, experiencing something new is more valuable than receiving material gifts. There are plenty of vacation vouchers to choose from, including vacation vouchers from Traveloka.

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2. Neck Pillow - Kalibre

Rp 172.000

Neck Pillow - Kalibre image

Custom neck pillows can be a suitable gift option for employees as they provide comfort during their daily activities. This is especially beneficial for employees who frequently travel long distances or have job-related travel requirements. It can enhance productivity and well-being in the workplace for employees.

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3. Totebag - Canvas - Sablon

Rp 50.000

Totebag - Canvas - Sablon image

A custom-designed tote bag is also a highly useful and practical gift for employees to carry their belongings to the office or while traveling. With a spacious and sturdy tote bag, employees can carry a variety of items such as laptops, books, lunch boxes, and more. By having a tote bag, employees can easily transport all the necessary items for their daily work.

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4. Robusta Toraja Coffee - Arutala

Rp 37.000

Robusta Toraja Coffee - Arutala image

There are several reasons why coffee makes a suitable gift for employees, especially for those who frequently consume coffee to boost their energy and focus while working. Therefore, giving coffee as a gift can also help to enhance employees' motivation and performance.

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5. Smart Watch - Mi Band 6

Rp 680.000

Smart Watch - Mi Band 6 image

Electronic gifts can be a suitable choice as they can help enhance employees' productivity and work efficiency. Some examples of electronic devices that are suitable as office gifts include smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, headphones, and Bluetooth speakers. However, before choosing an electronic gift, it is important to consider the needs and preferences of the employees to ensure that the gift is truly beneficial and well-received by the recipient.

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Those are various end-of-year gift ideas for your employees. Whatever gift idea you choose, it will undoubtedly be beneficial for the recipients. It will also leave a positive impression on the company that gives the year-end gift. Apart from being a memorable ceremonial event, gifts also create a positive impact that makes employees happy.

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