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6 Gift Ideas for a Resigning Colleague

Are you looking for a suitable gift for a resigning colleague? Giving a gift or a memento to a departing coworker is a meaningful way of saying goodbye. Fellow colleagues should give something that can serve as a reminder of the time they worked together as a team. What are some suitable gifts for resigning employees? Let's find out!

1. Gift Set Merchandise - Lukario

Rp 452.000

Gift Set Merchandise - Lukario image

Indeed, exclusive hampers are always a great choice for various occasions, including giving gifts to resigning colleagues. What should be included in a hamper for a coworker who is parting ways? You can provide anything that leaves a lasting impression, even if it's small items like a tumbler, mug, stationery, or other useful items. The most important aspect is the thoughtfulness and appreciation conveyed, which will undoubtedly be delightful for the resigning employee.

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2. Clutch - Ramahija

Rp 120.000

Clutch - Ramahija image

You can customize the gift for a resigning coworker based on their gender. A beautifully designed bag is a suitable gift choice for female colleagues due to its functional, fashionable, and personal reasons. It serves as an everyday essential for carrying important items such as keys, phone, perfume, and cosmetics.

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3. Pocket Planner - Otterhands Co

Rp 81.000

Pocket Planner - Otterhands Co image

Writing tools are always appreciated by employees everywhere. A suitable gift for employees could be a set of writing supplies such as stylish pencils, office pens, memo pads, planner books, or organizers, which can help employees stay organized in their daily work.

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4. Tumbler Stainless Travel 350ml - UV Print

Rp 119.000

Tumbler Stainless Travel 350ml - UV Print image

Another special gift option is to give company souvenirs personalized with the employee's name and, of course, the company logo. This serves as a memento and can help the employee cherish the memories of their time spent working in the company.

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5. Smart Watch - Mi Band 6

Rp 619.000

Smart Watch - Mi Band 6 image

Giving a wristwatch can be a useful and personal gift, especially if the employee has a busy and highly mobile lifestyle. With a watch on their wrist, they will always stay disciplined and be on time in their future endeavors. It serves as a practical reminder and helps them manage their time effectively during their busy workdays.

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6. Passport Holder - Ramahija

Rp 110.000

Passport Holder - Ramahija image

Giving a complete travel kit as a gift can also be a great choice. It can include a passport holder, tissues, masks, hand sanitizer, and other useful travel accessories for employees who enjoy traveling. This thoughtful gift will be practical and appreciated by the employee, making their future journeys more convenient and enjoyable.

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Gift choices for resigning employees can vary depending on their preferences and interests. However, what matters most is giving the gift with a sincere expression of gratitude for their contributions.

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