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5 Company Merchandise as Promotional Tools

Merchandise is a souvenir that can serve as an effective promotional tool to increase brand awareness and strengthen a company's image. Typically, merchandise features custom logos or prints, making the company's brand more visible and easily recognizable to people. To optimize promotional efforts through merchandise, it is advisable for companies to choose unique and non-generic types of merchandise. Here are some ideas you can consider!

1. Card Holder Mini

Rp 38.000

Card Holder Mini image

A card holder is one of the merchandise items that can be used as a promotional tool for a company. This product can be highly useful for many people, especially those who travel frequently or have multiple cards to carry. It can be an effective promotional tool because every time it is used, people who see it will also see the company logo.

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2. Laptop Sleeve - Leather

Rp 227.000

Laptop Sleeve - Leather image

By adding the company logo or brand, a laptop sleeve can become an effective and useful promotional tool. To maximize its effectiveness, the company should choose high-quality materials, colors, and designs that align with their branding. Furthermore, by offering laptop sleeves as gifts or rewards, the company can strengthen relationships with employees, customers, and business partners, while also helping to build strong brand loyalty.

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3. Tumbler Stainless Travel 350ml - Grafir

Rp 105.000

Tumbler Stainless Travel 350ml - Grafir image

A tumbler with the company logo can be a useful merchandise item for gift recipients. These drinkware items can be used in the office or at home, thereby increasing brand awareness. Additionally, opting for environmentally friendly tumblers can demonstrate the company's commitment to the environment. This merchandise item is timeless and never goes out of style!

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4. Pen - Metal - Insignia

Rp 33.000

Pen - Metal - Insignia image

Stationery items such as pencils, colored pencils, or pens with the company logo can be useful merchandise for employees or clients. These products are often used daily in the office or at school, ensuring that the gift recipients are consistently reminded of the company's brand. Companies can add unique designs or colors to the stationery to make them more appealing.

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5. Bucket Hat - American Drills

Rp 39.000

Bucket Hat - American Drills image

Caps with the company logo can be used by employees or distributed to customers or business partners. This product is a useful merchandise item to protect the head from the sun and provide ongoing brand exposure. Through embroidery or printing on the front, back, or sides of the cap, the company logo can be prominently displayed.

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