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5 Graduation Gift Inspirations for Coworkers

Moment of graduation is an important milestone for someone who has completed their education. In fact, it may only happen once in a lifetime. Therefore, it's not surprising to see many gifts being given on graduation day. Have you ever given the best gift to celebrate that happy moment and make it more memorable?

The best graduation gift for a loved one is a reminder of what they have achieved to reach that point. You may find yourself puzzled when deciding what to give as a gift on this occasion. Here are 5 useful graduation gift recommendations.

1. Linen Spray 250 ml - Evexia

Rp 50.000

Linen Spray 250 ml - Evexia image

One unique graduation gift is a linen spray. It comes in the form of a scented bottle used to spray on beds, pillows, and cushions before sleeping. The pleasant aroma produced by the linen spray ensures a restful and comfortable sleep. It's a perfect gift for a loved one, as it can improve the quality of their sleep significantly.

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2. Totebag - Canvas - Sablon

Rp 75.000

Totebag - Canvas - Sablon image

Another gift option that you can consider is a tote bag. Tote bags are useful items that are frequently used. When you feel tired of using regular handbags while traveling or hanging out with friends, a tote bag can be a great alternative. Not only that, a tote bag can also serve as an additional bag to support your main bag when it's full or heavy.

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3. Voucher BOGA 100K

Rp 107.000

Voucher BOGA 100K image

A food voucher would undoubtedly be very useful for anyone. Consider choosing a voucher for a restaurant or food establishment that your loved one enjoys or something that is currently trendy and worth trying. This graduation gift would be the perfect way to celebrate the special moment of your loved one after completing their exams. It allows them to savor delicious meals and enjoy a well-deserved treat.

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4. Tumbler Stainless 330ml - Lock & Lock

Rp 233.000

Tumbler Stainless 330ml - Lock & Lock  image

Expressing love and care to your loved ones can be done by giving them a large water bottle or tumbler. This item will serve as a reminder to stay hydrated throughout the day. Gifting a large tumbler is a tangible effort and a show of concern for their health, showing that you genuinely care for their well-being.

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5. Gift Set Soap - Love Beauty Planet Coconut and Mimosa Flower

Rp 174.000

Gift Set Soap - Love Beauty Planet Coconut and Mimosa Flower image

As we grow older, appearance becomes important in our daily lives, and taking care of our skin is one way to maintain our health. Whether it's attending a formal event, meeting new people, or even when applying for a new job, first impressions matter, especially regarding appearance. That's why skincare can be the best gift choice for someone you care about, as it can support their appearance in the future.

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In choosing a graduation gift, it is essential to be on target in terms of the type of item and its suitability for the recipient. In fact, there are still many types of gifts that can be given to someone when celebrating their graduation. I hope the five gift options above can help all of you in selecting the most suitable and meaningful gift for your loved ones.