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5 Engaging Onboarding Kit Ideas

There are many ways to welcome new employees to a company, and one of them is by providing an onboarding kit. Giving a warm welcome on their first day of work will make the new employees feel valued and accepted by the company. Therefore, the following list of onboarding kits can be considered as attractive options to be taken into account.

1. Mug Ceramic - White

Rp 28.000

Mug Ceramic - White  image

One of the onboarding kit ideas is company swag, items with the company's specific identity. These items typically include t-shirts, mugs, stationery, and souvenirs featuring the company's logo. Gifts like these will make employees feel fully integrated into the company.

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2. Wireless Headphone - AH053

Rp 147.000

Wireless Headphone - AH053 image

One gift that can make your employees happy in their new positions is technological equipment. You can provide headphones to enhance their work productivity. Besides, employees will feel valued and are expected to work with maximum results.

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3. Trail Mix - Nutriology

Rp 87.000

Trail Mix - Nutriology image

The next idea is to include healthy snacks such as dried fruits in the onboarding kit. By doing so, the company indirectly encourages a healthy lifestyle among its employees. Offering healthy snacks is a better choice compared to snacks that are high in sugar and salt content.

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4. Voucher BOGA 100K

Rp 107.000

Voucher BOGA 100K image

Gift cards can be an attractive option for onboarding kits. You can provide gift cards based on activities or preferences that employees enjoy. The given gift cards will become a valuable experience for the employees.

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Those are the onboarding kit ideas that can inspire you to welcome new employees. Gifts not only symbolize emotional connection but also represent professionalism in the workplace. You can utilize Yippy for your company's onboarding kit needs.