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5 Merchandise Ideas for Office Events

The organization of an event feels incomplete without merchandise. The presence of merchandise can make a corporate event more memorable and professional. Especially now, there are various options for merchandise, each with its value. Some unique merchandise items can make the event more meaningful and unforgettable. So, what are the recommended merchandise items? Find out more here.

1. Notebook - Hardcover - A5

Rp 107.000

Notebook - Hardcover - A5 image

There are many options for office kits that can be used as event merchandise. Usually, these office kits are customized with the company’s logo or slogan. In addition to being easily accessible, office kits have a higher utility value because they can be used. Some recommended office kit options for office events include notebooks, tumblers, ballpoint pens, mugs, and many more.

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2. Pointer - 303

Rp 78.000

Pointer - 303 image

Laser pointers are increasingly popular as event merchandise. They have many benefits, including being a presentation tool to easily point out parts of slides. Laser pointers make it easier for employees to perform their tasks. Due to their high utility value, many companies choose laser pointers as souvenirs for their seminars.

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3. Flashdisk - Metal

Rp 85.000

Flashdisk - Metal image

Flashdisk drives have a compact form, making them easy to carry anywhere. Just like laser pointers, this electronic device has several benefits. These include storing data and transferring it from one device to another. Therefore, choosing a flashdisk as merchandise for a corporate event is considered the best choice. Moreover, flashdisk have higher durability than floppy disks.

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4. Pocket Planner - Otterhands Co

Rp 83.000

Pocket Planner - Otterhands Co image

Your event will become more exciting and memorable with this merchandise, a weekly planner. Although many digital media platforms provide this feature, manually writing it down is still popular. The weekly planner can be an attractive gift idea, especially for employees to mark their important schedules for the week.

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5. Backpack - Ganghwa - Torch

Rp 378.000

Backpack - Ganghwa - Torch image

Although it may be less familiar, backpacks can be an interesting merchandise item. This type of merchandise is considered exclusive and has its own appeal. Moreover, its function for mobile activities makes backpacks usable anytime and anywhere.

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The presence of merchandise is indeed essential as a complement to an event. As mentioned above, these merchandise options can make the organized event unforgettable. This, of course, can leave a good impression on the event participants.

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