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5 Merchandise Ideas for Online Events

An online event indeed has a different concept compared to an offline event. There are several differences between online and offline events, especially concerning how to capture the participants' attention. In online events like webinars, there are often many participants. To make participants more interested and engaged in the event, the organizers need to consider merchandise ideas for the online event.

1. Earphone Bluetooth - Robot - T10

Rp 243.000

Earphone Bluetooth - Robot - T10 image

Headsets have become an essential necessity in this digital era. They are not only used for listening to music to find tranquility but also play a crucial role during online events. School and college students also often require headsets to stay focused during online learning sessions.

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2. Tshirt - 30s - Sablon

Rp 110.000

Tshirt - 30s - Sablon  image

A T-shirt can also be an attractive merchandise item for online events, especially if it comes with an exclusive design, such as from a specific campus or company. When the gift recipient wears it, it can serve as a means of branding for the institution as well.

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3. Desk Calendar - A5

Rp 52.000

Desk Calendar - A5  image

A merchandise idea like a calendar is suitable for participants who typically have busy schedules or daily appointments, such as students or office workers. It can be a practical gift for them to help them stay organized. Timing-wise, it can be given during the approach of the new year as well, making it even more relevant and useful for planning ahead.

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4. Flashdisk - Metal

Rp 85.000

Flashdisk - Metal image

A flash drive is also recommended as a gift for webinar participants. The size of the flash drive doesn't matter; what's essential is the symbolic gesture of appreciation towards the participants who enthusiastically attended the event.

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5. Notebook with Pen Holder - Hardcover - A5

Rp 66.000

Notebook with Pen Holder - Hardcover - A5 image

Absolutely, an agenda book will always be needed to record daily activities and plans. It's not just for routine tasks but can also be used to jot down New Year's resolutions, write a diary, and more.

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So, what are some good merchandise ideas for online events? You can certainly customize them based on the target participants and the theme of the event. If you are currently looking for gifts with practical delivery services, you can try the services provided by Yippy, a trusted corporate gifting platform in Indonesia.

In addition to the above recommendations, we also offer thousands of other gift options such as stationery, food items, health packages, fashion products, electronics, and more. Rest assured, we are also here to accommodate any special requests you may have for the gifts you desire.