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5 Beneficial Merchandise Ideas for Remote Employees

Currently, there are numerous merchandise options available for various events and activities. One of them is merchandise as gifts for remote employees. Unlike on-site employees, remote workers who work from a distance have a different rhythm. Therefore, companies need to consider what kind of gifts would be suitable for them. Here are some recommended useful gifts for remote employees. Let's take a look!

1. Scented Candle - Bloomy

Rp 28.000

Scented Candle - Bloomy image

As a form of company care for remote employees, aromatherapy candles or scented candles can be one of the best gift recommendations! Just like on-site employees, remote workers also experience their own level of stress. This is because they work alone and have minimal social interaction. In addition to aromatherapy candles, you can also consider purchasing an essential oil set, diffuser, humidifier, or even stick essences as gifts.

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2. Yoga Matt 4mm - Happyfit

Rp 252.000

Yoga Matt 4mm - Happyfit image

Sports equipment products can be a great choice as gifts for remote employees. Working remotely provides employees with more leisure time, and this opportunity can be utilized to maintain personal health through physical activities. Some recommended products include yoga mats, dumbbells, skipping ropes, gym balls, and resistance bands. These sports equipment items can also contribute to the productivity of employees, especially in their work routines.

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3. Memopad Memo Pad - Post It

Rp 27.000

Memopad Memo Pad - Post It image

One of the most commonly given merchandise to employees is stationery, and this is especially useful for remote employees who rely on various stationery items to complete their work. Suitable stationery for remote employees includes calculators, sticky notes, notebooks, pens, highlighters, rulers, and correction tape. These stationery items are essential for remote work and can greatly assist employees in their tasks.

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4. Aroma Blend Coffee - Arutala

Rp 37.000

Aroma Blend Coffee - Arutala image

Coffee has proven to be a great companion during work, so gifting coffee can be a consideration. The caffeine in coffee helps employees stay focused, improves concentration, combats drowsiness, especially during deadlines, and helps maintain stamina. Some of the best coffee options for your company's employees include espresso, americano, cappuccino, caffe latte, and mocha latte.

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5. Wireless Mouse - Slim

Rp 49.000

Wireless Mouse - Slim image

This particular merchandise is definitely very useful for remote employees: various laptop accessories. These accessories serve as support for employees while working, especially when they are working from anywhere, as they can enhance mobility. Laptop accessory options include laptop bags, USB flash drives, headphones, mouse, and mouse pads.

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