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5 Gift Ideas for Office Gift Exchange Events

Exchanging gifts with coworkers at the office can be a joyous and special occasion. This event is usually held at the office almost every year. Since this moment is eagerly anticipated, employees will surely compete to find interesting, unique, and useful gift ideas. But, who here is still unsure about what gift to give for the gift exchange event? Don't worry, this time Yippy will share 6 gift ideas for office gift exchange events that are guaranteed to be appreciated by the recipients. So, what are they?

1. Notebook - Hard Cover - A5

Rp 48.000

Notebook - Hard Cover - A5  image

You can choose custom notebooks as gifts for office gift exchange events. Not only are notebooks a necessary item for employees, but they also come in various patterns and designs. This allows you to select a unique and interesting notebook, making it stand out from the ordinary. The more unique and appealing the notebook is, the more enthusiastic the recipient will be in using it.

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2. Dark Chocolate Cookies Jar - Melts

Rp 32.000

Dark Chocolate Cookies Jar - Melts image

Snacks or treats are indeed the best companions while working. Snacks stored on the office desk can be a savior for the stomach when there's no time to eat amidst the demands of work deadlines. You can choose this gift option for the office gift exchange event because it's simple and easily accessible. Chocolate cookies with a unique combination of sweet flavors can help reduce stress, enhance mood, and support brain function and health.

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3. Mug - Lego

Rp 62.000

Mug - Lego image

Mugs can be a gift option for a gift exchange that is equally appealing. Although it's a common gift, mugs are highly useful in the office. Cool and unique mugs can be great companions for coffee or tea breaks at the office, helping to boost their enthusiasm. Choose trendy and unforgettable colors, patterns, and designs for the mug!

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4. Desk Storage Large - Yama Zawa

Rp 51.000

Desk Storage Large - Yama Zawa image

A desk storage box is also a suitable solution. Not only is it affordable, but it is also highly useful for organizing the office desk. Various stationery items can be neatly arranged, making it easier to find desired items. Moreover, a unique storage box with multiple compartments is perfect for beautifying the workspace.

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5. Neck Pillow

Rp 33.000

Neck Pillow image

A neck pillow is a suitable choice for an office gift exchange event. Neck pillows are specifically designed to provide extra support and comfort when sitting or sleeping in an upright position, which is perfect for office workers! Besides being used in the office, neck pillows can also be used on planes, trains, cars, or even at home during relaxation time.

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That concludes the 5 gift ideas for an office gift exchange event, guaranteed to be liked by your coworkers and serve as useful gifts. Now you won't be confused anymore about choosing a suitable gift for the office gift exchange event. We hope you find this helpful!