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5 Gadget Accessory Gift Ideas for Employees

What gift is most suitable to give to employees on special occasions? For example, when employees achieve their targets to boost their enthusiasm at work. Therefore, the company needs to find appealing gifts, such as gadget accessory ideas for employees. With new gadget accessories, employees can become more productive at work. Let's explore the selection of gadget accessory gift ideas for employees.

1. Powerbank 10.000mAH - Robot RT180

Rp 203.000

Powerbank 10.000mAH - Robot RT180 image

The main benefit of a power bank is to recharge a gadget when it runs out of battery, especially during travels. This portable charger is extremely helpful when a karyawan's phone battery is almost drained, and they don't have access to a power outlet. When employees are on duty outside the office, this device proves to be very useful.

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2. Cable Charger - Fast Charging - Best Tool

Rp 25.000

Cable Charger - Fast Charging - Best Tool image

Fast charging cables are incredibly useful for employees who frequently use gadgets for their daily work. The main feature of fast charging cables is their ability to charge devices quickly. This tool significantly supports employees' activities by eliminating the need to wait long hours just to recharge their gadget batteries. As a result, they can be more productive in their daily tasks.

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3. Earphone Bluetooth - Robot - T10

Rp 243.000

Earphone Bluetooth - Robot - T10 image

Bluetooth earphones are also a compelling gift to give on special occasions to colleagues in the office. Similarly, when a company is searching for suitable gadget accessory ideas for employees, Bluetooth earphones are a popular choice. These gadget accessories are commonly used by employees in various moments.

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4. Mouse Pad

Rp 21.000

Mouse Pad image

The next gadget accessory gift idea is a mouse pad, which will undoubtedly be utilized by employees in their daily work, especially those who use laptops or computers. A mouse pad is a surface that helps control the movement of the mouse, providing comfort for employees while working.

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5. Laptop Stand Holder - Stainless

Rp 95.000

Laptop Stand Holder - Stainless image

This tool can be used to elevate the laptop, positioning it higher and at eye level. With a laptop stand, employees can avoid fatigue while looking at the laptop screen, as this device supports body posture, especially the back, neck, and shoulders, preventing stiffness and discomfort.

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Those are the gift ideas for employees that you can give for various special occasions. It's not just a formality, but giving useful gifts to employees can also boost their motivation at work. For the best gift recommendations, you can trust Yippy as a reliable corporate gifting platform in Indonesia.