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4 Useful Office Merchandise

When giving a gift to someone, you certainly strive to choose the best or unique and memorable gift. However, even if the gift is unique and attractive, it doesn't necessarily mean that the recipient will use it. This applies not only to personal gifts but also to office merchandise.

Nevertheless, office merchandise serves a purpose beyond formality or routine activities. To achieve its intended purpose, it is essential to ensure that the merchandise is useful and practical.

1. Tshirt - 30s - Sablon

Rp 110.000

Tshirt - 30s - Sablon  image

One of the ideas for office merchandise that is sure to be used is a T-shirt. Of course, the size and design should be suitable for the recipients. You can find out their preferences beforehand, so that the T-shirt will be happily received and appreciated.

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2. Pen - Metal - Insignia

Rp 33.000

Pen - Metal - Insignia image

Stationery is an essential need in the daily life of office workers. Even though many office tasks are now becoming paperless, writing on paper still holds a special charm.

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3. Tumbler Stainless 500ml - Beiz

Rp 153.000

Tumbler Stainless 500ml - Beiz image

Tumbler is indeed a very useful merchandise. With the high mobility of employees, a tumbler that can keep beverages hot or cold is essential to ensure that their drinks remain enjoyable throughout the day.

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4. Totebag - Canvas - Sablon

Rp 50.000

Totebag - Canvas - Sablon image

Tote bags are versatile and practical merchandise for employees. With their spacious compartments, they can carry a large number of items, making them extremely useful for daily activities and errands.

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To choose a gift that will surely be used, simply align it with the recipient's daily activities. It doesn't have to be exclusive or expensive; in fact, a gift that fulfills daily needs will undoubtedly be useful. To ensure your office merchandise needs go according to plan, consult with Yippy, the best promotional souvenir supplier in Jakarta, offering various unique merchandise that can be customized with your company logo.