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4 Useful Gifts for a Newborn Baby

Choosing a gift can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to newborn baby gifts for colleagues or coworkers. Of course, the gift should be beneficial, especially for the baby. By providing newborn baby gifts, it proves that the company supports their employees. Here are some interesting gift recommendations for a newborn baby!

1. Clothes Baby - Jumper

Rp 50.000

Clothes Baby - Jumper  image

Baby clothes make for a useful newborn baby gift. Baby clothes come in various types, and you can choose according to the needs and preferences. For example, baby jumpsuits, swaddles, warm clothes, baby hats, mittens, and baby socks. These can be interesting recommendations because there are now many options for baby clothes with cute characters.

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2. Baby Blanket

Rp 162.000

Baby Blanket image

Another essential item is baby sleep essentials. A newborn baby typically requires around 10-18 hours of sleep per day. Therefore, it is important to have high-quality sleep gear to ensure a comfortable sleeping environment. Some examples of baby sleep essentials include a baby nest with a mosquito net, fitted sheets, blankets, and mattress protectors. Make sure these sleep essentials are made of high-quality materials to support the baby's growth and development.

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3. Softbook for Baby

Rp 115.000

Softbook for Baby image

Softbooks are great gifts for babies as they can stimulate the baby's senses, vision, and motor coordination. Some softbook gift ideas for babies can have animal themes, everyday objects, letters or numbers, and more.

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4. Silicone Stacking Toys for Baby

Rp 117.000

Silicone Stacking Toys for Baby image

Silicone Stacking Toys are excellent gifts for babies. This set offers numerous benefits, including stimulating fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cognitive development, and sensory exploration. Silicone stacking toys as gifts for babies can come in the form of stacking rings, stacking cups, building blocks, and more.

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Those are some useful gift ideas for employees who are in the newborn baby phase. This period can be challenging and crucial, so companies can provide moral or material support. Yippy can realize the perfect newborn baby gift idea for your employees. Trust your corporate gifting with Yippy, as there are various types of products that can be customized to your preferences.