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4 DIY Gift Ideas for Employees

Special moments in the office should not be overlooked, as they are often associated with giving gifts or certain surprises. For example, during employee onboarding, celebrating specific achievements, or employees' birthdays. You can contribute to the liveliness of these moments by giving special gifts to your beloved employees. Interested in giving a memorable gift to your employees? Well, you can try this idea: DIY gifts. Let's see the complete inspiration!

1. Soy Scented Candle - 200gr

Rp 30.000

Soy Scented Candle - 200gr image

Many people are utilizing aromatherapy candles to enhance their mood while working. It wouldn't hurt to try giving aromatherapy candles as gifts to employees or colleagues. Aromatherapy candles can provide tranquility and create a more comfortable ambiance.

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2. Tote Bag - Blacu - Print

Rp 46.000

Tote Bag - Blacu - Print image

Employees who frequently work on the go certainly need a versatile tote bag as a multipurpose container. Tote bags have spacious compartments that can carry a large number of items. To make the tote bag you give more memorable, try making it custom-made.

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3. Lego Brick Flowers Toy DIY

Rp 118.000

Lego Brick Flowers Toy DIY image

Creating DIY toy flowers as gifts for employees is a creative and personal idea. They can serve as long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing decorations!

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4. DIY Clay Kit

Rp 76.000

DIY Clay Kit image

Engaging in clay sculpting can be a relaxing experience. Transforming clay into works of art involves careful and focused hand movements, which can help reduce stress and promote a sense of calm. Therefore, a clay kit is a suitable gift to give to employees!

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That's a review of DIY gift inspirations for employees. From here, we can see that DIY gifts can be memorable, especially for employees or colleagues in the workplace. Besides being meaningful, DIY gifts are also more creative as they are made by hand and not easily found in stores.

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