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4 Unique Gift Ideas for Employee of The Month

The Employee of The Month program is always a memorable moment for employees. Those who have worked hard and dedicated themselves deserve the best appreciation and recognition. Companies can provide something memorable, ranging from congratulations, ceremonies, or giving unique gifts.

Unique gift ideas for Employee of The Month should be carefully planned. This way, the program can also have a significant impact on the company in the future.

1. Tumbler Stainless 550ml - HN223

Rp 107.000

Tumbler Stainless 550ml - HN223 image

A drinking bottle or tumbler can be the best gift choice for outstanding employees. This item will certainly be needed for daily use at the office. Therefore, employees can help reduce the use of plastic bottles by having their own tumbler.

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2. Totebag - Canvas - Sablon

Rp 35.000

Totebag - Canvas - Sablon image

A tote bag can be a unique gift choice because it can be used on various occasions, such as for work or shopping at the supermarket. Currently, there is a trend among employees to have a more casual dress code at the office. Therefore, a tote bag can be a more aesthetically pleasing option for carrying work essentials such as a laptop, tablet, and small notepad.

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3. Notebook - Soft Cover - A5

Rp 43.000

Notebook - Soft Cover - A5 image

One unique gift idea for the Employee of The Month is a notebook or journal with a custom cover design. For example, a cover design that includes the employee's name and their achievements can create a memorable and meaningful gift.

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4. Reed Diffuser - Botanina

Rp 143.000

Reed Diffuser - Botanina image

Giving home essentials as gifts can also be a great idea as it promotes work-life balance, especially for employees who work remotely or from home (WFH). Some examples of home essentials that employees might appreciate include room diffusers, desk decorations, etc.

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So, don't worry if you're currently looking for unique gift ideas for Employee of The Month at your office. Trust your gifting needs to Yippy, the process is easy, and you can focus on your office's corporate goals.