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4 Unique Office Gift Ideas

Gifts from the office that are unique are certainly more memorable than the ordinary ones. Besides being memorable, these gifts can also be useful for daily activities. Unique office gifts can also serve as a creative branding strategy. Companies can give them to employees, business partners, customers, or clients. As a result, the company's reputation can significantly improve.

1. Table Lamp - LED

Rp 161.000

Table Lamp - LED image

One of the unique office gift ideas is a desk lamp. You can choose a unique desk lamp made from eco-friendly materials or with an unusual design. The patterns, colors, and other distinct features can be customized to reflect your company's identity.

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2. Mug - Lego

Rp 62.000

Mug - Lego image

Everything unique will undoubtedly have a greater significance for the recipient, making them more enthusiastic about taking care of it. Even if it's not something very expensive, a uniquely shaped mug will create a diverse impression.

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3. Lego Brick Flowers Toy DIY

Rp 118.000

Lego Brick Flowers Toy DIY image

Creating DIY toy flowers as gifts for employees is a creative and personal idea. They can serve as long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing decorations!

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4. Voucher Traveloka Gift Card 100k

Rp 119.000

Voucher Traveloka Gift Card 100k image

The favorite voucher of almost everyone is undoubtedly the vacation or staycation voucher. While gifts are typically given in the form of physical items, this time you can try giving an experience. Sometimes, experiencing something new is more valuable than receiving material gifts. There are plenty of vacation vouchers to choose from, including vacation vouchers from Traveloka.

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So, what is your gift choice? Besides, unique office gifts or merchandise can be customized according to the occasion or the recipient's personality. Optimize the gifting process in your office with Yippy as a reliable gifting platform.